What I learn about graphic design in Estudio Mique

Macbook computer and notebooks on a desk.

What I learn about graphic design in Estudio Mique

At the beginning of my training here, we did a brochure for a winery. Now we got the brochures from the print all done. It feels awesome to see something I have done ready and printed, to look at the brochure or a magazine or a webpage and think: I made that. It makes all of this seem more real. Because in school we usually just see our designs on a computer screen.
Bodegas San Valero brochures.
[pt_marginblock margin=»60px» measure=»px»]Here I have learned that working with clients is not so easy. Sometimes it takes time to get the material or we get it little by little. And for us it’s of course harder to work like that. Or we might have a busy schedule or have some disagreements of the design with the clients. But that is part of the job. You have to adjust you’re working with what’s best for the client.
A board calendar with post it notes.
[pt_marginblock margin=»60px» measure=»px»]I have done a lot of cropping with photoshop and even though it’s kind of boring I really like it. It’s very important for future to learn to do it well, and I have become better at it than I was before. I have also fixed some pictures by removing things from the photo, and that is also good to learn, I think. The simple things are usually the things you are going need the most. And I like working with photoshop even though I’m not extremely good at it. But that is why I like it, I have so much to learn and you can do amazing things with photoshop. Below you can see one of the photos I fixed.
Original and fixed photos from workers at a winery.
[pt_marginblock margin=»60px» measure=»px»]I am kind of an organized person. Here we have so many files, documents and pictures that everything seems like a big mess. Sometimes I get really confused when I’m searching some of the works. I try to keep the files in order, but it’s super hard. There are so many links that can go missing if you start to mess with the files. I think in design field it might be impossible to keep your workspace clean and organized. Another thing that I learned here is, that there are always problems with fonts. But we are here to solve the problems, without them our work would be way too easy.Almost every friday, I think, did the week already went by? Time flies here, and not just at work, in my free time too. I only have a couple of weeks left and so much things I would want to see and do!
Basilica of our lady of the pilar at night in Zaragoza.
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